August 30, 2011

A new kinda 'Post' - the old skool way

I, like many, have been suctioned into the social networking bubble of wishing someone a 'Happy Birthday/Grattis' or another greeting of sort, as a simple post on Facebook/Twitter and the rest. These days that seems to suffice, and 'just is' the way we operate, which is thoughtful in these busy times I guess, and brings a smile to my face, but I used to be a 'post-er'...that's the generation I come from. I used to spend ages in a card shop, picking out the 'right' card for someone.

Getting a letter or card from somebody you know is always appreciated, and to give somebody a thoughtful card, that you have spent time choosing, is equally as rewarding. And sometimes, when I see what I know is a funny card by it's picture, but don't yet understand the Swedish punchline, it's just not as much fun giving it, even after I ask the sales person or a Swedish friend 'what does that mean?'.

So when I stumbled across FikaTown, a 'Boutique Greeting Card' company based in Stockholm, it got me thinking, (and got my guilt surfacing), that I need to get back to sending cards. Especially now I'm in Stockholm, and all of my loved ones are not!
That doesn't mean that I won't stop greeting online or by a phone call, a lot of my friends and I have an unspoken rule of not sending cards anymore, (like a comfortable silence) and that's ok, (or at least I think it is??!!)...and to be honest I don't have many of my friends' addresses anymore (oh gawd I'm digging a deeper hole than I need to!!!). I guess what I'm trying to say is, I am going to try and make more of an effort!

 Fika Town cards are perfect for those who you know in Stockholm...or a Swedish friend or loved one abroad, and actually if they're not Swedish, it gives them an insight into your Swedish world!
They've hit the nail on the head when it comes to spotting the things we first notice about Stockholm, a play on cultural happenings and keeping it simple and humorous with their designs.

The cards come in six different collections:
'Fika', 'Style', 'Wedding', 'Stereo', 'Birthday' and 'Baby'. Pretty much covers the niceties of life. I love how positive and fun their company seems to stand for. Their website is clean, easy to get around, informative, and makes you smile. They can even personalise your cards if you get in contact with them. These are a few of my faves....
Wedding Collection

Fika Collection
Stereo Collection
Stereo Collection

'Fika Town' Stocked at the following stores in Stockholm:
NK Department Store, Design Torget, R.O.O.M, PUB
AND on their online store on Facebook:

Oh and I did mention their new London collection didn't's a few...

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  1. Hi Shephali,

    Thanks for the nice write up on Fika Town. We are glad you are continuing to like the cards and spread the word..Hopefully many more will follow in the "new" trend of actually sending cards again :)

    Thanks //Stephen @ Fika Town