May 29, 2012

Red, White and Blue

Yes, The Diamond Jubilee is a week away...and hopefully you've got everything sorted out for your party (panic and mayhem set in yet??!)...the bunting, the tableware, the menu..but wait...haven't you forgotten about the most important person in your life?!

Yes, I'm sure your furry friend will be joining in the fun of it, getting utterly spoilt by all your guests, dipping into the leftovers and, well, if they are anything like Le Cat, they'll find a quiet little corner and most probably snooze for the day!

As we all know, we're a pet loving nation, and the Queen herself wouldn't have anything less for her Corgi's, so here's a few fun things I found to share!

Elizabeth the Catnip Mouse
By KrafyKats UK,

Image:, Mouse - £3.00

Diamond Jubilee Dog Bandana with Corgi Wearing Crown
By DoggyDesign,

Image:, Bandana - £5.91

Purrly Queen Cat Bowl
By Molly & Berts,
(They also have a 'Purrly King' too!)
Image: Molly&Berts, Bowl - £20

Collar and Lead with Heart Tag
By Jingo Dog,

Image:, Lead - £30

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