May 17, 2012

The Other Art Fair

I went to an inspiring art exhibition last Sunday. 'The Other Art Fair' was housed in what almost looked like a secret hideaway, tucked away around the corner of the University of Westminister, on Marylebone Road, London. Here, up and coming artists sold their work directly to the public, prices starting from £50 onwards. It was an energising experience, where gifted unsigned artists got the chance to introduce and talk directly about their art and vision to people who were there to buy or have a casual wander of curiosity. A yearly event, 'The Other Art Fair' is targeted to both art lovers and the not so in-the-know but who have a chance to possibly just buy something they are drawn to.

A 'free' interactive art wall
for visitors

There was such a diverse range of artists' and their work there, from fine art to abstract, prints to sculptures, all with one thing in common...sharing their thoughts about their work on a personal level. I will definitely go to The Other Art Fair again next year. You get the chance to talk one to one with the artist of whom's work you would actually want to buy, and after all, the artist I'm sure would want you to keep it for life and build memories from it.

I thought I'd share three artists' work with you of which caught my eye amongst all of the gifted exhibitors.

Keira Rathbone, Typewriter Artist.
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The unconventional approach that Keira takes with expressing her art comes in the form of a typewriter. She creates beautiful and intelligent art works, all 'drawn' from the simplistic keys/letters of a typewriter. In today's modern age of technology, going back to an almost forgotten tool  such as a typewriter and creating images that are inspired by people and her surroundings is creative and inventive. There was much hustle and bustle at Keira's stand at The Other Art Fair, people were intrigued as was I.

Keira Rathbone, at her stand in The Other Art Fair
Kingly Court
Image from Keira Rathbone's facebook.

Rosie Emerson, Photographer and Artist.
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I was taken aback by the strikingly beautiful works of Rosie Emerson. Stunning imagery of elongated forms of the female body. What is evident is the femininity and power within the works she creates, some almost mystical like. Rosie's works have been sited in many major publications such as The Independant, Vogue and Harpers Bazaar, and the fashion world have embraced her for her 'Alchemy' portfolio (2011), in which she had collaborated with Jewelry designer  Annoushka Ducas. Rosie works through different mediums, such as, ink, collage and acrylic.

Rosie Emerson's stand at 'The Other Art Fair'

Kate Moss, acrylic and collage on paper
Image from

Kate Knight, Artist/Painter.
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Kate's work really oozes depth and beauty. She works with watercolours and gold imitation leaf on paper, and produces stunning pieces that are thought provoking and uses the most vibrant colours such as deep purples and blood red, all connected at 'aiming to express the aesthetics of desire, sex and death, descriptive as well as recalling the memory of the body.'

'Flight', Kate
'Encrusted Blackened Heart XVI', Kate

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